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We can help you with either the creation of your new business or a revamp and expansion of your current business.

Brand In A Box

What is it

We can help you with either the creation of your new business or a revamp and expansion of your current business. 

Getting the customer-facing brand identity ready for market.

To help out business owners flesh out their ideas and put them into reality especially when you do not have the time to spend on marketing your ideas/businesses.

It incorporates everything from:

  • Logo design
  • Website Design
  • Templates to use for social media promotion
  • Strategy for finding new potential customers and converting them into real customers
  • Video creation and strategy
  • Help with paid advertising throughout adwords and social media platforms
  • Setup of systems to track leads and allocate them to the right people who action follow-ups
  • SEO assessment and recommendations

What can Claymore do for me?

We can manage everything for you through our marketing retainer packages or provide you with the advice and strategy for you to do it yourself.

Honest advice based on best practice – get the most from your marketing activities.

Why choose Claymore

  • Seasoned industry professionals
  • Commercial track record working with a wide range of industries
  • Client-focused
  • Goal orientated
  • Flexible packages geared towards your individual needs

Looking For A Boost To Your Brand?

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Current Projects

ND Beauty


We created the website from scratch based on criteria agreed with the client and based on what we knew would work best in terms of user experience and conversion.  The online courses (learning management system) is built on a web based platform, this avoids customers having to download apps and also keeps the costs down! 

This website includes reporting and student management so the client can monitor student progress, what courses are popular and even create coupons so they can offer discounts and special offers to new customers.

The site has been tested on multiple devices and has been optimised for keywords that have the best possibility for ranking as soon as possible but with buyer intent at the forefront.

Google analytics has been embedded and is used to inform us for marketing strategy decisions with the other marketing activities that we currently manage for the client. 

Video Production:

We recorded 7 classes worth of course content for the client in their own salon over several days.  Using the latest 4K cameras and industry leading audio equipment it helps to ensure that no one misses any details but also student satisfaction.

We sat down with the client beforehand to agree a structure of each course and what footage needed to be recorded.  The footage was recorded and edited and checked by the client and test students as well.

Social Management:

Organic post creation – we have worked with the client to create organic content around completed students work, social pieces around the tutor and encouraging students to leave reviews after they have completed their course.  Blog content and polls asking potential students what courses they would like to see is part of the short term social strategy.

Graphic creation – using Canva and photoshop we are responsible for creating the graphics used by ND Beauty in agreement with the client.

Paid Advertising:

Facebook – we manage a budget for paid advertising in excess of £3,000 per month.  This is for targeting potential customers throughout the UK and Ireland.  We have been carrying out testing for what messaging works the best.  The types of ads we have ran so far are:

  • Bundle offers
  • Buy one get one free
  • Competitions to win free access to courses
  • Introductions to the courses and what is covered
  • Meet the tutor based ones
  • Course breakdowns and the benefits of being CPD certified after successfully completing the course. 

Instagram – we use part of the above budget for targeting potential customers via instagram.  In co-ordination with the client we are also adding stories on a regular basis to help with growing the audience that follow them currently.

TikTok – we are adding content from the tutors of ND Beauty and then allocating some of the advertising budget to boosting the posts to increase brand awareness.  We have converted some of the traffic from TikTok to actual customers.

Strategy & The Future:

Although in the early stages of promotion we have great insights already into what works well for achieving sales.  We are going to introduce beauty related products as another E-Commerce element and boost sales through selling additional items to students and those that are interested in the beauty sector.

We will be adding more courses once the winning formula has been identified.



We rebuilt their website about 2 years ago and have worked with Rutledge since then.  The new site has a job board system, promotes the values of the business and details of the courses and government programmes that they provide to thousands of students throughout Northern Ireland.

Video Production:

We produce regular video content for Rutledge throughout their 15 offices.  The content centres around meeting the tutors, meet the recruitment staff and student based testimonials.

Social Management:

We manage their Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels. We create the text copy and graphics that are within their brand guidelines.  We manage their advertising spend over these channels to ensure that a return on investment through all boosting is achieved. We achieve a month on month increase on reach, engagement and the conversions attained through their social media presence.

Strategy & The Future:

We look forward to our continued working partnership with the Rutledge Group.  We are working with them to agree on a quarterly plan for the content that is put out through their digital presence.  This will be centred around the video and blog content as well as working on influencer targeting and engagement that is appropriate to their audience.

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