Center your company around the needs of your customers

Putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customers is vital. This starts with what you think they are looking for right through to how to encourage them to be repeat customers as well as ambassadors for your company and spread the word to new customers.

It starts with a brainstorming session around what you think your customers are searching online for, what keywords/phrases are they searching for and what questions are they looking for the answers to.  Does your product or service provide a solution to the question or problem they are having?  At Claymore Digital we carry out extensive keyword research and look at the keywords and popular pages are with your competitors.  It is also common that businesses use technical terms or what they think people are searching for when in reality those phrases might not have any traffic looking for them at all!

Once you have identified what your customers are looking for then ask yourself how you meet those needs?  What do you offer different to your competitors and why should they use your product/service?  Do you offer a guarantee, 24/7 customer service, free delivery or a demonstration of the product or service so your prospective customers can test it out?

Then you move onto the convincers, as with the introduction of reviews through businesses like Amazon customers expect to read about how happy your customers are with your product or service.  Written testimonials are ok but video testimonials, product demonstration videos and video guides are great for convincing prospective customers to have trust to buy your product or use your service.

Always be transparent with your customers and make sure that you explain any technical language in plain English.  This will help with avoiding customer returns and negative reviews due to misinformation.

Following on from the customer centred focus you should then consider how your customers want to get in touch with you and how easy it is for your customers to be able to buy your product.  If it is a larger item that is expensive to post offer a collect at store option and if the item is difficult to use why not offer the option to book a demonstration or test drive.

Finally, follow up with your customers after they have made their purchase.  Make sure they are satisfied with it, answer any questions they have, find out what suggestions they have for improvements in future versions of the product or service and then ask them to leave a review for your business.  Happy customers are more likely to buy again from you and pass on their positive experiences to their friends and family who will then buy from you when they are looking for the same item or service.

If you are looking to find out more about how to centre your business around the needs of your customer or assistance with carrying out keyword research get in touch with Claymore Digital today.

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