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Digital Health Check

Do you like your website? That’s great if you do! Now, down to the nitty gritty.

How Quickly Does It Load?

Site Speed goes hand in hand with visitor retention. We can advise and optimise your site for the best visitor experience possible.

Getting To The Point!

Keywords good, filler text bad. Let us help you refine your copy to aid you in presenting your venture in the best way and get found on Google!

Clear Call To Actions

If you don't ask, you don’t get - start paying attention to what you ask your customers to do, it can drive engagement and steer the right prospective clients your way.

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Digital Review & Health Check

Do you like your website? That’s great if you do! Now, down to the nitty gritty.

How much traffic does your website get? How many leads does it introduce to your sales team and, more importantly, how many does it convert into sales further along the buyer’s journey? How often is it updated? How many times a week are you able to post a new blog? How many people read it and, if the option is presented to them, leave you their contact details so they can learn more in the future and keep in touch?

But hey, as long as the website looks nice, right? Well, no. This is one of the largest misconceptions held by businesses today. They need a website that looks attractive, but also attracts new customers and leads on a regular basis, converts sales and keeps people coming back for more.

At the very least, your website should be a marketing tool. When it works properly, which is what Claymore Digital can help you achieve, it should generate more high-quality leads and convert sales on a consistent basis, improve brand perception and increase its reach.

Getting you found on Google

Your business should dominate search results. We can help you curate and optimise what searchers see when they find you online. SEO is the backbone of your online presence with the best conversion rates against other versions of paid advertising, if you cannot be found on Google effectively your target audience will not find you – fact.

With our on-page and off-page SEO assessment, you’ll learn how to land more qualified leads and receive a list of keywords you should be targeting to experience the best results- you will also receive recommendations on how to achieve and sustain your online presence.

Grow your business with our expert insights into digital marketing, web design, PR, creative, paid media, videography, and more.

Why choose Claymore Digital to carry out this audit?


We have been carrying out digital marketing and web design for over 18 years full time for a range of clients in every industry that you can think of!  Everything from renewable energy, car leasing to clothing to grass cutting! We have seen what has worked and what does not work as well in social media campaigns, PPC advertising, web design and video promotions and will give a honest summary of what we think you are doing well and what we would recommend that you consider changing.


We appreciate that our clients are investing their money and time into their online presence and always give our honest opinions of what we think about what you are currently doing on your site and social media channels.  If we feel that your time and marketing budget would be better spent elsewhere we will include this in your audit.

Access to the right tools

We use a range of tools to carry out keyword research into what your competitors are targeting as well as how your own website is performing.  We use Ubersuggest and Ahrefs to carry out keyword research, this identifies what people are actually searching for and the number or backlinks or likelihood of ranking for those specific phrases.  These tools also let us know what pages and content are working well for your competitors. 

We have access to additional tools that allow us to see how many visitors are going to your competitor’s website and what sources they are getting their traffic from.

The best people that actually work on your digital presence

We work on digital marketing, website and video campaigns every day of the week (yes 7 days a week!).  We have made mistakes but do not repeat them.  By making these mistakes in the past it allows us to give you the best recommendations for you to move forward and grow your business in the future.

Review of your current website

User Experience & How it appears on other devices

As part of the digital audit we will assess and come up with recommendations on how to improve the user experience on multiple devices.  This part of the audit will look at what 

Speed & Performance

We will run through a speed test report and identify what is causing your site to load slowly.  A list of recommendations will be provided on how to improve the speed and performance of your site. You can then pass this over to your current web developer or engage Claymore Digital to carry out the work for you.

Compared to two of your competitors

We will compare your site to 2 of your competitors in terms of what they offer, what they are doing well, the keywords that they are ranking for organically and what they are doing well on their social media channels as well.

From this analysis a list of recommendations on what you could be adopting for your own site will be provided.

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