Page Loading Time Optimisation

Today we’ve put together this video just on the importance of a page loading times one of the sites that we’ll use on a regular basis is pendum and if you go to and you’ll be able to put in your website address and choose your closest server location in order to start the test.
It’ll take about 30 seconds to a minute just to run and give you a result on it and your ideally looking for a loading time of less than two seconds.
This is a sample site here for, which is one of the websites that we’ve discussed before regarding landing pages.
And as you can see, it loads in 1.35 seconds, and I’ve also shown the results here for wex photo which is one of the most popular photography and videography websites and they’re loading and one point two seconds. Then we’re showing here the results for one of our clients at active adventures and as you can see it’s loading first in point six seconds, and that’s because we’ve optimized it using a plug-in called WP rocket which is an excellent plugin for WordPress websites.
If you’d like any help or assistance with how to improve and reduce your page loading time get in touch today.