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Paid Advertising

In a nutshell it means that you are paying to be placed in front of new prospective customers.

Strategy & Management

Let Claymore Digital help your team or let us manage your paid advertising campaigns for you.

Keeping Within Budget

With experience of managing budgets in 6 figures in competitive industries leave it to Claymore Digital to deliver within budget.

A/B Testing

We will test out different graphics, content, landing pages and audiences to see which ads and platforms work the best for you.

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What Paid Advertising Means?

What paid advertising means?

In a nutshell it means that you are paying to be placed in front of new prospective customers.  While targeting in terms of location, demographics such as age and male/female and age range are available a lot of them do rely in showing your ad in front of as many people as possible in order to spend the budget set.

What is critical though is that you test out a range of call to actions, messaging and graphics/videos that are used in the advertising.  Features, benefits, testimonials and special offers such as bundles or buy one get one free or 2nd half price is must be included in your messaging as 10-20% off generally is dismissed by prospective customers.

Paid advertising primarily exists through Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, TikTok and YouTube.  They all have a similar cost per click excluding adwords as that will depend on the competitiveness of the keywords that you are looking to target.  It is important to remember that cost per clicks for adwords are higher than social advertising but if targeted properly should convert higher than social advertising.

Advertising on YouTube is perfect for brand awareness but will have a lower conversion rate into customers, however this is a cheaper form of advertising with as much reach as you can handle!

Why is paid advertising important?

To inspire action, you must be seen.

To be seen, you must be found.

Let Claymore Digital get your brand in front of the eyes that matter.

While Claymore Digital can help you with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google Adwords advertising it must be as part of an organic SEO strategy.  Paid advertising is a great way to get your brand, product or service offering quickly but driving traffic organically on Google and your organic posts on social media channels is essential.  Organic traffic is cheaper and will have a higher conversion rate as well.

You do need to keep in mind that with the introduction of iOS changes to do with targeting and data tracking it is harder to reach the same people on Facebook and Instagram as it used to be.

What paid advertising can Claymore Digital help me with?


We can help you with everything from creating a strategy for your team to follow or the day to day management of your Facebook profile/s.  This allows you to get on with the selling and customer management parts of your business while Claymore Digital can look after content creation, graphic and video production and in agreement with the client we will then create the ads based on your target audience and within budget.


As part of the Facebook business suite we can also target potential clients on Instagram.  Claymore Digital can help you and your team with a great strategy or the day to day management.  We can create your stories, reels and content for the grid as well as source and contact relevant influencers that are worth contacting to offer one off deals or affiliate schemes which help with encouraging them to send more customers your way as well as establishing a longer term relationship with.


As we have discussed before YouTube is more for brand awareness.  It is a cheaper form of paid advertising and one with a massive audience.  We can record the video content to be used on YouTube ads as well as manage the campaign and track how effective the ads have been.


Claymore Digital can look after your business or personal LinkedIn profiles as well as recording video content for use on LinkedIn.  As with all types of marketing it is important to have clear call to actions, what should they do after the post? Comment, vote in a poll, give their opinions on the subject, etc.


Similar to YouTube, TikTok is for brand awareness primarily.  However, it can be used for educational purposes such as a guide to something or how to use a particular product.  While the audience is in the majority younger it can be appropriate for certain lifestyle products and services that are used by the majority of a younger audience.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords should always be part of a strategy that in the longer term includes organic content creation and trying to get onto Google without paying for it.  Adwords works well for specific keywords that are more difficult or impossible to rank for without serious investment in backlinks. 

We have managed clients PPC budgets that are in excess of £100,000 per year in competitive sectors such as finance and insurance as well home improvements, lifestyle products, food and drink.

The same approach of listing features, benefits and reasons why they must take action now are critical to get a good return on any paid advertising including Google Adwords.  We can create the landing pages as well as the creative for the ads.  By creating specific landing pages they can be geared towards the audience that you are targeting and we can use them for testing to see what layouts and content/offerings work the best.

As with all types of marketing you should always check to make sure that you are getting a good return on the investment. As with all of our retained marketing packages you will receive a report at the end of each month that highlights what has been working well and what changes to make in the incoming month.

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