Landing Page Design Agency

Today’s video is to discuss at the importance of landing page design and making sure that you get the message across quickly and professionally and look at ways of convention your visitors to actually use your product or your service.
So one of the sites here that we’re having to look at is at and they are a site that offers facilities for transfer
money and through their app. And as you can see it clearly identifies money for Here There and everywhere and it tells you that it works at 170 countries and 50 currencies and those types of things. So the message comes across very quickly what type of thing or service that they’re offer.
It talks about reasons and benefits there. It talks about cheaper transfers and it talks about saving up two times when you use wise International. It talks about the fact that it’s available for multiple currencies and so on.
Another website here is one called wide walking it’s to try and encourage people to sign up to be a dog walker. And as you can see it clearly identifies what it what decides about and the first thing that is trying to do then is to tell you to come along and join the 400,000 pet Walkers that use the service and it’s asking here for your you to fill in your contact information because the intent of somebody that comes on to the site is that they’re looking to become a dog walker. So you want to try and capture their details as quickly as possible, but you then would convince them with features and benefits such as the flexibility the technology and the safety. It also mentions that if you you know people who are wanting to be a dog walker of course are going to love dogs, so it mentions that but then has some testimonials with photos non-stock ones.
To try and convince people and then it breaks it down into some starts as well. So the fact that they have 400,000 pet Walkers with them already the fact that they cover a wide range and they’ve also mentioned about the fact that they’ve actually donated some of that money onto a dog charity, which is great and they’ve also mentioned they’re starting 99% of five star reviews as well.
Another site here slightly different topic is one from Ali abdall, and he is selling a course on you know, basically how to become a YouTuber and so on and if you have a look at this site and all the links will be in the description below for you to check out and come up with your own opinion song. But as you can see, we’ve got an introduction into the business owner. Who the actual product or course it’s for which is great. We’ve got testimonials with photos again.
We’ve got actual videos from people here tutors on the course. The journey that the actual businesses be known. It also then talks about why you should actually go with this course, so they’re mentioning that it’s a big secret and it goes into lots of details about that and then goes on to actual testimonials from students who have been on the course, which is excellent. And it also is honest and its approach it’s actually saying that it isn’t for everyone and it’s pointing out that you actually have to put a lot of work in in order to get a good return and so on but you can actually check out this actual website using it like in the description below and get a good idea as to the layout and the thoughts behind a good landing page.
The final thing really is that it’s very important that you do have customer video testimonials because they are more credible than just having text ones and they’re more credible than having text and photo reviews as well. As you can see on our own website done here at the bottom. It says what our clients say, and it has multiple customer testimonials and video testimonials. Are essential whenever it comes to trying to give credibility whenever your visitors you’re on your site as the why people actually use your service or by your product. If you’d like to discuss anything to do with Landing Pages, please get in touch today.