Using Ubersuggest for Keyword Research

Today I’ve put together a very quick guide into using Ubersuggest for keyword research. Now while you can use the likes of Ahrefs and SEM rush for keyword rese arch ever suggest. Well do everything that you need in terms of identifying keywords and what you know, the realistic possibility of Rankin for these and for a lot cheaper, they actually offer three free searches per day or they have a starter package at 29.99 which is will satisfy everything really that you’re looking for.
Where there’s two main ways that you would use this and that would be through the keyword research facility on the left hand side of uber suggest. You can search by type it in either your website or a competitor’s website or actually the keyword that you’re wanting to carry out some research on.
I find that actually using the website or a competitor’s website is a good place to start whenever it comes to keyword research because you will identify the keywords that you rank for or your competitor ranks for the minute and have a look at some inspiration as to what keywords you could be actually going for.
Now I’ve done at the bottom. It will actually give you the keywords and you can click on view all SEO keywords this to me and ranks for.
Now on the free package, you will be restricted to
a couple of hundreds results. Whereas on the starter package you will see a massive list of keywords that that site actually ranks for. But it’s great to actually identify something that you would never have thought about before.
Alternatives keywords effort is has a SEO difficulty of over 50
but if we actually look at something such as sofa bed, for example, and while particular keyword is quite hard to rank for you can click on it and see alternative keyword ideas or what’s known as you know longer tail keywords.
So you could actually see Alternatives such as a sofa bed corner, which still has a healthy so average search volume or you could put in locational terms such as sofa beds UK. And you know, you’re more likely to rank for something with a locational term or a longer tail keyword compared to just for example sofa bed. You could then go on and click and see all of the keyword ideas.
There’s going to be quite a long list for a lot of keywords with some alternative such as sofa bed with two seats or a sofa bed small or sofa bed double any of these sort of longer tail keywords are going to be easier to rank for because not everybody has sort of thought of that idea.
However, when it comes to thinking about a particular keyword, you need to make sure that the landing page or the page that you’re looking to optimise. Actually answers the question or shows the results the best make that criteria. So if you sell a sofa bed, and that’s fine, but if you don’t have any two seat ones, please don’t be going for that because what will happen is your customers will just come on and see that you actually don’t have a sofa bed with two seats and they will just click off or bounce off which will not do your SEO any good.
If you’d like to find out more about keyword research that we can help you out with why not get in touch with us today.